Annual general meeting 2020


Apetit Plc’s Annual General Meeting 2020 is being held on Tuesday, 26 May 2020 in Säkylä.

Measures due to coronavirus

Apetit takes the coronavirus situation very seriously and seeks to secure the interests of the company and its shareholders by holding an Annual General Meeting on 26 May 2020. This also allows for a decision on the payment of a dividend proposed by the Board.

The company takes a number of precautionary measures to be able to hold the Annual General Meeting and to ensure the safety of those who need to be at the meeting place. The meeting will be kept as short as possible and, in order to shorten the duration of the meeting, the length of the prepared speeches at the meeting will also be significantly reduced.

The company urges shareholders to avoid coming to the meeting place. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Annual General Meeting can only be held if the number of participants at the meeting place does not exceed the official limit set by the authorities. Therefore, the company encourages shareholders to vote in advance or, alternatively, to authorise a lawyer of Fondia Oyj to represent them at the Annual General Meeting (free of charge). Shareholders who have registered for the meeting can follow the Annual General Meeting via video link. Shareholders following the meeting in this way are not considered to participate in the Annual General Meeting, so they do not have, among other things, the right to ask questions or vote during the Annual General Meeting.

Notice of attendance

Apetit Plc – Notice to the Annual General Meeting 2020

Proposals of the Board of directors

Proxy: Annual General Meeting 2020 of Apetit Plc

Apetit Plc Remuneration Policy