Apetit’s corporate responsibility themes and goals have been compiled into a responsibility programme - Apetit will halve its carbon dioxide emissions

Apetit’s corporate responsibility themes and goals have been compiled into a responsibility programme - Apetit will halve its carbon dioxide emissions

Apetit Plc, Press release on 31 October 2019 at 10:30 a.m.

Apetit Group publishes a corporate responsibility programme, which contains the company's corporate responsibility themes and goals and the corporate responsibility management system. One of the key goals is to halve the Group's CO2 emissions per produced tonne by the end of 2022.

Apetit’s responsibility programme is based on material themes that have been determined together with its stakeholders regarding the environmental impacts of operations (Planet), products and their preparation and processing (Product), the treatment of people (People) and financial responsibility (Profit). Apetit's sustainability work is based on the company's values, mission and vision and is guided by the Group's Code of Conduct and operating policy.

“Our corporate responsibility programme contains the work that we have already been doing for a long time on efficiency and sustainable production, for example. It is not a new or separate part of our operations, but an integral part of our values, strategy and all of our daily activities and our continuous improvement of these,” says Sanna Väisänen, Director, Corporate Communications and Sustainability at Apetit.

Environmental impacts will be reduced with a bioenergy plant

One of the goals of Apetit's corporate responsibility programme is to reduce the Group's carbon dioxide emissions* per produced tonne by half by the end of 2022. This will be achieved with a bioenergy plant to be constructed at the Kantvik vegetable oil milling plant.

“Oil milling is the Group's most energy intensive process. The bioenergy plant will replace the current energy solution based on non-renewable fuels, so the impact on our CO2 emissions will naturally be significant,” Väisänen says.

In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, the bioenergy plant will enable the more efficient use of production side streams in energy production.

Nutritious and safe products are key

Apetit's corporate responsibility is strongly based on the different parts of the company's value chain. Apetit's key themes of corporate responsibility are development of cultivation, the climate and environmental impact of operations, material and raw material efficiency, sustainable packaging solutions, responsibly produced vegetable-based products and minimizing food waste. The implementation of Apetit’s Code of Conduct and equality in its own operations and those of its stakeholders are also important factors.

“For us, the key thing is to ensure nutritional and safe products that have been produced from raw materials that have been grown and procured in a responsible and sustainable way.

Apetit is also focusing on new packaging solutions in its ongoing packaging redesign.

“As a result of the redesign, consumer plastic packaging material will be 15% thinner. We have also already launched Green PE packaging made from fully renewable materials this autumn. The primary purpose of packaging materials is to protect the product and guarantee its shelf life; this also reduces food waste,” Väisänen says.

Read Apetit’s corporate responsibility programme in full on the company's website: apetit.fi/en/responsibilityprogramme

* The calculation of Apetit's climate impact is based on the energy consumption of the company's production facilities and the methods of energy production.

For further information, please contact:

Sanna Väisänen, Director, Corporate Communications and Sustainability, tel. +358 10 402 4041

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