Oilseed Products

Avena is responsible for Apetit’s Oilseed Products Business. Avena is Finland’s most significant producer of vegetable oils and rapeseed expellers. Its vegetable oil products are manufactured in its oil milling plant in Kirkkonummi, where rapeseed is processed into high-quality products with high added value as vegetable oils and rapeseed expellers for raw material to feed industry.

The main markets for oilseed products are Finland and the other Nordic countries. Avena’s best-known consumer products are the Apetit and Neito rapeseed oils. In terms of volume, most of its vegetable oil products are sold to the professional food service sector and the food industry.

Healthy vegetable oils from Finland

Avena uses as much as possible rapeseed grown in Finland in its oil milling plant. The plant’s annual need for rapeseed is higher than the harvest in Finland. For this reason, Avena is systematically seeking to increase rapeseed production in Finland in cooperation with growers and other operators over the long term.

In the future, the company aims to strengthen research and product development related to oilseeds and create more added value for oilseed products. Avena has also made product development on the supply of vegetable oils in retail and professional kitchens and on various packaging solutions.