Apetit’s Food Solutions business is responsible for the production of Apetit’s frozen vegetables, frozen foods and frozen pizzas. Frozen vegetables and frozen foods are produced in Säkylä and frozen pizzas in Pudasjärvi. In addition to products under its own Apetit brand, Apetit manufactures products for private labels. The main market for frozen vegetables and frozen foods is Finland but products are also exported to Sweden and Italy, for example. The customer base consists of customers in retail trade, the Food Service sector and the food industry.


Strong focus on Finnish raw-materials

The domesticity rate of Apetit’s frozen products is around 80 per cent. Apetit is strongly integrated in Finnish primary production. Apetit is firmly rooted in Finnish primary production. Apetit’s approximately 140 contract growers cultivate over 30 million kilos of domestic vegetables for Apetit’s Säkylä frozen foods plant.

Contract growing and experimental work
Sustainable food solutions

We use approximately 95 per cent plant-based raw-materials in our frozen products. We are also committed to our target to increase the use of domestic wild fish in our products. This can be seen in our patties and balls products categery, where we offer versatile ways to consume not only plant-based products, but also herring from Baltic Sea, for example. 

Pizza from perhaps the most northern frozen pizza factory of the world

All Apetit’s frozen pizzas are made in Pudasjärvi frozen pizza factory with an uncompromising attitude – and by investing in quality raw materials. In our pizzas, we use as much Finnish raw-materials as possible.

Well-being from vegetables

We want to promote sustainable food choices: we offer sustainably grown and produced food products and ingredients while developing a value chain that supports the well-being of people and the environment.

Every year, our approximately 140 contract growers cultivate over 30 million kilos of domestic vegetables for Apetit’s Säkylä frozen foods plant with our own Responsbile Farming method. The contract growers comply with the Responsible Farming practices that are continuously developed in co-operation with the contract growers and Apetit and at our own experimental farm, Räpi.

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Climate impacts of food

Food production and food consumption cause approximately one fifth of the carbon footprint, or climate impacts, of all consumption. Primary production and the food industry carry out continuous development work to reduce the environmental and climate impacts of food production. Plant-based products are generally low-carbon products.

Apetit has determined the environmental footprint of some of its selected products. The study calculated the carbon footprint, eutrophication effect and water footprint of the products.

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