Apetit invests strongly in cooperation with Finnish primary production and sources around 80 per cent of all of the food raw materials used in its frozen vegetables and frozen foods directly from its contract growers. In addition, Apetit uses raw materials sourced as direct procurement from Finland and abroad.

In its sourcing responsibility principles, Apetit has defined the statements required from suppliers regarding the management and realisation of social and environmental responsibility. The statement requirements vary according to the raw material’s country of origin and significance. Apetit requires all its suppliers to know its value chain and the realisation of ethics as part of it.

Both Finnish and foreign direct suppliers are required to comply with Apetit Group’s ethical supplier requirements. Apetit prefers long-term partnerships with its suppliers. Approximately 95 per cent of Apetit’s frozen products are purchased from low-risk countries. Raw materials for oilseed products are sourced only from low-risk countries.

Apetit conducts supplier evaluation for its suppliers, utilizing both third-party audits and its own self-assessment survey. The supplier requirements cover both the suppliers’ own operations and their value chain. Apetit Group requires that its suppliers commit to the principles of ethical, social and environmental responsibility documented in the Group’s supplier requirements. Apetit Group’s ethical supplier requirements are based on the guidelines of the UN’s Global Compact initiative.