Apetit as investment

Why invest in Apetit?

Apetit operates in the growing market for plant-based eating. The company produces and markets frozen vegetable products, frozen foods and vegetable oil products for consumer and professional kitchens as well as industrial customers. Apetit is also an active player in the Finnish and international markets for grains.

The strength that differentiates Apetit is its management of the vegetable-based food supply chain, ranging from the guidance and development of primary production to the development, production and sale of high-quality end products that correspond to customer demand.

From the investor perspective:

Apetit benefits from the global megatrends that support plant-based eating

  • The overall demand for plant-based eating is growing globally. The megatrends of well-being, health and sustainability are permanent reasons for people to put more plant-based products on their plate.
  • Apetit’s business covers the vegetable-based food supply chain to a large extent. The company’s product groups include frozen vegetable products, frozen foods and vegetable oils as well as grains and feedstuff.
  • The global scale of the change in eating habits strengthens Apetit’s current export operations and opens up new export opportunities. In particular, Apetit aims to take advantage of the opportunities that have already opened up in the Swedish market.

Apetit is the strongest brand in its product categories

  • Apetit is the category leader in domestic frozen vegetable products and frozen foods as well as vegetable oils in Finland. Apetit products are trusted by consumers, food industry professionals and food manufacturers alike.
  • Apetit’s products have a well-established position in Finnish grocery retail chains as well as the product selections of the wholesalers that serve professional kitchens and public sector procurement clusters.
  • The domestic raw materials and production operations help strengthen Apetit’s market position and negotiating position.

Tight strategic focus supports profitability

  • Apetit’s strategy is focused on businesses in which the competitive advantage is based on Apetit’s core strengths and the management of the value chain.
  • This focus enables the effective allocation of investments in procurement, production, product development, networks and marketing.
  • It also enhances management and the execution of strategy and increases the efficiency of operations.

Unique value chain and developing partnerships with farmers

  • A significant share of Apetit’s raw material sourcing is based on Finnish contract farming and long-term partnerships with farmers. This ensures high-quality and sustainably produced raw materials and their availability for Apetit products.
  • Apetit strengthens its sustainable competitive advantage by promoting the development of cultivation and the adoption of new sustainable cultivation methods together with contract growers and other cultivation partners.

Apetit is a stable investment that is resilient to economic cycles and has an active dividend policy

  • Apetit is a stable and liquid investment, as the consumer demand for groceries is stable across economic cycles.
  • Apetit’s high equity ratio and low debt further improve the stability of business and enable investments in its growth and development.
  • The objective of Apetit’s dividend policy is to ensure that the shares provide shareholders with a good return on investment and retain their value. Apetit’s historical dividend development and effective dividend yield are evidence of the successful implementation of the company’s long-term dividend policy.

Share price development