Apetit’s strategy and financial objectives for 2023–2025: growth from diverse plant-based food products

Apetit targets an operating profit of over EUR 9 million and a ROCE of over 8 per cent

Achieving growth from diverse plant-based food solutions and added-value products is at the heart of Apetit’s strategy. As the cornerstone of our business, we continue to invest in cooperation with growers and in Finnish primary production.


Apetit’s four strategic focus areas

  1. Stronger together

As the cornerstone of our business, we invest in cooperation with growers and in Finnish primary production. We strengthen business synergies and shared processes. We foster a culture of continuous improvement. We look after our competitive advantages: our motivated and skilled employees, strong brand and differentiating factors.

  1. Diverse plant-based food products

We develop added-value food products and increase the refining rate in vegetable oil products. We increase food exports and strengthen our position in Sweden. We increase the volume and cultivation area of strategically significant plants. We make strategic investments to speed up organic growth. We are open for business acquisitions to allow inorganic growth.

  1. More domestic plant proteins

We continue the commercialisation of the BlackGrain rapeseed ingredient towards an industrial scale. We promote the cultivation of domestic pulses. We explore opportunities to produce Finnish pea protein. We use domestic plant proteins in our own production in diverse ways.

  1. Sustainable value chain

We promote sustainable primary production and food choices. We reduce the impact of our operations on the climate and the environment. We make sure that our sourcing processes are transparent and sustainable. We ensure that social responsibility is realised throughout the value chain.

Financial objectives for 2025

EBIT > EUR 9.0 million (2021: EUR 2.8 million)

ROCE > 8.0 % (2021: 2.4 %)

Dividend policy

The Board of Directors of Apetit Plc aims to ensure that the company’s shares provide shareholders with a good return on investment and retain their value. The company aims to distribute 40-60 per cent of the profit for the financial year in dividends.