Raw material efficiency and material efficiency

Apetit Group’s three production facilities generate varying amounts of side streams. The Kantvik vegetable oil milling plant uses 99.9 per cent of seeds for vegetable oil. Wastage at the Pudasjärvi frozen pizza plant is also relatively small: less than 1 per cent of the Group’s biowaste is generated at Pudasjärvi.

The majority, more than 90 per cent, of Apetit’s biowaste streams are generated at the Säkylä frozen foods plant. Most of the Säkylä plant’s biowaste comes from production focusing on harvest time. However, much of this biowaste is not wastage created in production but soil and stones that come with vegetables from fields to the plant and are reported as part of biowaste. Root vegetable peeling waste also increases the amount of biowaste.

Developing material efficiency and raw material efficiency

By investing in new brush scrubbers and steam peelers, Apetit has reduced the amount of peeling waste in its harvest season production. The investments also has a significant impact on water consumption, which decreased by 13 per at the Säkylä plant. A material review has also been conducted at the Säkylä frozen foods plant, on the basis of which Apetit is trying to, among other things, reduce the amount of side streams that would be suitable for food use.