Social impacts and society

As its direct stakeholders, Apetit has identified customers, employees, growers, shareholders, partners, goods and service providers as well as certain supervisory authorities. The company’s indirect stakeholders include, for example, local communities, media, society, subcontractors, educational institutions and advocacy organisations.

In addition to direct employment, Apetit’s operations have indirect impacts on the areas near its industrial sites. In 2020, Apetit’s purchases of raw materials, goods and services totalled EUR 232.6 million. Apetit has focused its support and sponsoring activities on the areas where the company’s production facilities are located.

In addition to support granted to sports facilities, for example, Apetit has chosen a sports team in each of its production locations to receive financial support.

Apetit also cooperates in various primary production R&D projects with parties such as Baltic Sea Action Group and Pyhäjärvi institute. In 2020, Apetit group invested EUR 1.0 million in research and development. Project-related research is also conducted at Apetit’s Räpi experimental farm.

The food industry is one of the most female-dominated industries in Finland. According to the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation’s statistics, 48 per cent of food industry employees are female. In Apetit Group’s operations in Finland, the share of women is 42 per cent among employees, 46 per cent among office employees and 47 per cent among the entire personnel

Apetit-sponsored teams promote sports and well-being among children and young people

To support sports and well-being among children and young people, Apetit selects sports teams to be included in its sponsorship programme. In the selection of the teams, the emphasis is on the team’s locally significant work to create equal sports opportunities for children and young people. A team applying to become an Apetit-sponsored team must have clear principles for the prevention of bullying and discrimination: everyone must feel welcome to the team’s activities and practise sports in their own way.

The Apetit-sponsored teams for 2020-2021 are Säkylän Karhukopla, the age group C girls of Pudasjärven Urheilijat’s volleyball section and Siuntion Sisu.