Business segments

Good food for everyone. Locally.

Apetit is a Finnish food company that specialises in plant-based food and the raw material trade. Apetit serves consumers, the retail sector and professional kitchens as well as the food and animal feed industries. We produce food solutions based on vegetables and sustainably caught fish, we refine vegetable oils and rapeseed meal and we are an active player in the Finnish and international grain, oilseed and feedstuff markets.


Food Solutions

Apetit is Finland’s strongest domestic vegetable and frozen food brand. At our production facilities in Finland, we produce delicious high-quality vegetable mixes as well as ready-to-eat patties, balls, soups and pizzas from sustainably sourced raw materials. Apetit brand products account for the majority of the production, but the company also produces private label brands.

Customers of Food Solutions business include the retail sector, private and public sector professional kitchens as well as food industry operators in Finland and the export markets. The most significant export market is Sweden, where Apetit has gained a solid foothold in grocery stores.

Frozen vegetables and frozen ready meals are produced at the Säkylä plant, which is located in Finland’s most significant region for growing outdoor crops. Apetit is Finland’s largest procurer of contract-grown field vegetables and the largest developer of their cultivation. Frozen pizzas are produced in Pudasjärvi.

Key differentiating strengths

  • Unique raw material sourcing model based on contract farming
  • Strong market position and highly regarded brand
  • Expertise in product development and production
  • In-house cultivation development based on a sustainable food supply chain


Oilseed Products

Apetit Group’s subsidiary Avena is Finland’s most significant producer of high-quality vegetable oils as well as rapeseed meal for animal feed.


The main markets of Oilseed Products business are Finland and the other Nordic countries. Avena’s best-known consumer products are Apetit and Neito rapeseed oils. In terms of volume, most of the vegetable oil products are sold to the professional food service sector and the food industry. Rapeseed meal is used in high-quality plant-based feed for domestic animals and fish.


Vegetable oil products are produced at Finland’s largest oil milling plant in Kirkkonummi. Rapeseed grown in Finland is used as the raw material as much as possible.

Key differentiating strengths

  • Economies of scale in production and sourcing
  • Very high production efficiency
  • High-quality products for a broad customer base