Product quality and product safety are key factors in the food industry. Ensuring food safety requires the professional competence and responsibility of the people who work in the food supply chain as well as production-related risk knowledge and management. Already in the product development phase, quality and product safety risks and the means of managing them are precisely defined. Raw materials, suppliers and partners are selected according to a precisely defined process, strict criteria and our quality goals. The production chain of Apetit’s frozen vegetables, frozen foods and rapeseed oils is monitored closely from field to fork. The vegetables of contract growers can be traced all the way back to the individual field section, if necessary.

Apetit Group’s production facilities in Säkylä, Kantvik and Pudasjärvi have food safety systems certified in accordance with the GFSI standard: BRC in Säkylä and food safety systems according to FSSC 22000 standard in Kantvik and Pudasjärvi. The Säkylä and Kantvik plants also have their own laboratories for ensuring product safety.

Accurate labelling on packaging is also an essential part of product safety. Information about raw materials and allergens are clearly indicated on the labelling in accordance with the EU Food Information Regulation.

The recall plan is part of Apetit’s self-monitoring plan. The recall process is initiated immediately to remove the food product or the food contact material from the market if there is reason to suspect that it does not comply with the food safety requirements.

Recalls are reported to the supervisory authority, the resellers of the product and, if necessary, consumers. The recall notification contains a description of the product defect and the recall reason as well as the way the products are to be handled or returned. The functionality of the recall process is also tested annually throughout the entire organization and the processes that affect it.


Frozen food and vegetables

FSSC22000 (frozen pizzas)
Organic certification (Säkylä)

Oilseed products

ISO17025 (Salmonella self-monitoring)