Sustainable food choices

Apetit determined the environmental footprint of our selected products. This is how one meal’s climate impacts arise – a carbon footprint of 0.46 kg of CO2 equivalent with negative eutrophication effect.  

The climate impacts of one meal made of Apetit products (Apetit Lakefish Fingers, Apetit Peas and Apetit Potato&Soup Vegetables)
are 0.46 kg of CO2 equivalent. The carbon footprint of the meal was calculated taking into account the entire life cycle of the products, from cultivation and fishing to transportation to stores and preparation at home. The meal size used in the calculation was 350 grammes.

The main climate impacts of the prepared meal arise from the shares of its main ingredients: Apetit Lakefish Fingers (44%) and Apetit Potato&Soup Vegetables (32%). The share of peas used as accompaniment is 8 per cent of the carbon footprint of the meal. Retail and logistics operations account for 10 per cent of the climate impacts and the remaining 6 per cent arises from the storage and preparation of food at home.

Thanks to the negative eutrophication effect of Apetit Lakefish Fingers, the whole meal curbs eutrophication.