Well-being and safety at work

Safety at work is one of the key themes of Apetit’s personnel strategy. The goal is to reduce occupational accidents to zero and to reduce sickness absences.

The key indicators of occupational safety, or the accident frequency rate, the number of occupational accidents, occupational safety observations and sickness absences, are monitored regularly. The occupational health and safety system of the Säkylä frozen foods plant is certified in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard. During 2023 also Pudasjärvi frozen pizza factory received the certification.

At Apetit, the risk of occupational accidents is increased by, for example, cold-storage facilities, high noise level in some places, the use of machines and knives, potential slipperiness in production facilities and working with chemicals. In 2023, an ammonia leak occurred at the Säkylä production facility due to exceptional equipment failure and two people were hospitalised.

Production work also involves repetitive movements that may cause musculoskeletal disorders. Apetit seeks to reduce the risk of accidents and illnesses in a proactive manner, especially through appropriate job-specific instructions and personal protective equipment. Since 2022, two Apetit employees trained as occupational well-being ambassadors have been supporting production personnel in Säkylä.

All occupational accidents and severe near misses in Apetit Group are investigated internally. On the basis of the investigation, actions are proposed to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. The Group also improves the prevention of accidents through occupational safety observations.

In 2023, 14 (17) occupational accidents occurred in the Apetit Group. A total of four accidents occurred involving subcontractors working in Apetit’s plant areas or other non-Apetit personnel.

Apetit Group has defined, statutory occupational safety and health processes, according to which it develops a safe working environment for employees and ensures their wellbeing and work and functional ability. Occupational safety and health representatives and shop stewards also contribute to the development of occupational safety and health. The entire Group’s personnel are covered by occupational safety and health systems. Apetit purchases occupational health care services from an external service provider.

Apetit’s Säkylä plant and Pudasjärvi frozen pizza factory have ISO45001 certification.