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What we do best Apetit is Finland’s leading brand in frozen vegetables and frozen ready meals. Our offering consists of frozen vegetables, vegan and vegetarian burgers, pizzas and fresh vegetables. 
Apetit Free From -assortment Always plant-based, always allergen free. Always easy to use, always delicious. Apetit Free From range is designed for modern consumers with different kind of diets to make plant-based eating tasty and easy.


Apetit uses vegetables to make easy and delicious fresh and frozen products and convenience foods that promote well-being. Apetit products are famous for their taste and home-grown content. 

Number one in Finland

Apetit is number one in vegetables. We are a food industry company firmly rooted in Finnish primary production. People are increasingly opting for vegetables and foods with a high vegetable content. As well as being healthy and tasty, vegetables are a sustainable choice. Apetit has more than 60 years of experience in the contract growing and processing of vegetables. Today, we are focusing on internationalisation and efficiency improvement in all of our business operations.

Apetit relies on high quality and sustainability in all of its operations. In Finland,
our strengths include highly committed contract growers. Our responsible farming practices are based on our systematic cooperation with our contract growers over the long term. These practices include general principles and variety-specific instructions, as well as the management of quality, product safety and environmental aspects. We also apply high quality and sustainability standards to the raw materials we purchase from other sources.

Free from range

Rich in protein, Apetit Free From range meat replacement products are made of peaprotein and designed as “meatlike” burgers and nuggets. Traditional Scandinavian Apetit Free From range products are based on finnish beetroot, carrot and yellow carrot mixed for example with trendy chickpea, pumpkinseed and linseed – pure root vegetable taste!


Most of the vegetables used by Apetit are produced by our around 100 Finnish contract growers who produce an annual amount of 33 million kg of clean, and reliably well-grown food. The most important raw materials are potatoes, leeks, carrots, peas, spinach, swede, parsnips, celery, beetroot and organic spinach. Thanks to  our Responsible Farming method and co-operation with contract farmers the origin of these raw materials is always known, right down to the field they were grown in. 

Apetit has an experimental farm. At the Räpi farm, products are tested for growing methods, quality and suitability to freezing. The aim of the farm is to develop sustainable and ecofriendly growing methods. Our preference is to use as little pesticides as possible. Instead of using strong chemicals, mechanical and biological controls are preferred. To achieve the best possible taste, several tests are carried out to make sure that the vegetables are suited as well as possible to freezing, have a high nutritional value and that they are full of taste as well as properly formed and add up to the consumers’ expectations.