Safe and pure food

Good food is made from carefully selected raw materials that are pure and responsibly produced with extremely high standards of care and hygiene.

Product safety and quality are vital to us. Food safety is based on the professional competence and responsibility of the people who work in the food supply chain, the reliability of the food supply chain’s operations as well as risk prevention and risk management.

For example, the transparency and openness of the food supply chain regarding the origin of raw materials and the stages of production is important for product safety. 

Quality and product safety are key

Product quality and safety are of primary importance to Apetit and require expertise and responsibility from the people working in the food chain, in addition to reliable production and the prevention and management of risks. Harvesting begins when the vegetables are at their best and is scheduled to ensure freshness in production.

The production chain for Finnish frozen vegetables and frozen foods, and vegetable oils is monitored closely from beginning to end, all the way from the field to the table. This ensures that the qualities of the raw materials and products, such as the temperature, meet the process requirements and that the end products meet strict quality requirements.

Apetit’s food production plants in Säkylä, Kantvik, Kivikko and Pudasjärvi have food safety systems certified in accordance with the FSSC 22 000 standard. In addition, Kantvik has a system certified to the ISO 22 000 standard for feeding stuffs.






Product development

All Apetit products are based on its R&D strategy to develop healthy and easy-to-use products that help people to increase their use of vegetables. Apetit develops its products in line with general nutritional recommendations, and the company monitors and makes use of reliable studies and nutritional information published by research institutes in its field.

In developing vegetable-rich and vegan products, we pay particular attention to their protein and energy content. The diverse consumption of vegetables, vegetable oils and full grains is an essential part of a healthy diet.

We do not use genetically modified raw ingredients in our food products. Our frozen vegetable products contain no additives, and the use of additives in other products is carefully considered and restricted to what is necessary.


Accurate labelling on packaging is an essential part of product safety. Information about raw materials and allergens are provided clearly on the labelling in accordance with the EU Food Information Regulation.

The packaging also serves the purpose of protecting the food product, increasing its preservability at retail locations and homes, and reducing food waste. We only use the necessary amount of packaging materials, and avoid excessive packaging.