Apetit’s Baltic Sea Commitment 2019–2025

Apetit’s Baltic Sea Commitment 2019–2025

At the heart of the Baltic Sea Commitment made by Apetit Plc are the goal of producing information that can be used in the contract farming of field vegetables, especially when it comes to soil fertility improvement and carbon sequestration, and the goal of promoting sustainable food choices, in particular Finnish fish. The ultimate goal is to improve the sustainability of the food supply chain across all of its stages. Apetit has about 140 contract growers.


Apetit’s Baltic Sea Commitment consists of three parts.

1) Apetit commits to carrying out research projects promoting soil fertility and carbon farming at its experimental farm Räpi. The projects will be carried out in cooperation with various actors. The aims of the research projects include producing information and practices for improving natural soil fertility and water resource management as well as developing carbon farming, in particular in the growing of field vegetables.

a. Apetit will share the results of the research using the Carbon Action platform, for example at platform meetings and various events for growers.

Apetit commits to including the best cultivation practices identified as a result of the research projects in its Responsible Farming method, and to training all of its contract growers in cultivation methods that will improve soil fertility and carbon sequestration by 2025.

a. New cultivation practices that improve soil fertility will be added to the contract growing instructions.

b. Apetit will use Carbon Action’s e-college for regenerative farming in training its contract growers.

Apetit will develop the use of local domestic fish in its products. Apetit’s product development will pay special attention to fish choices that promote the maintenance of the ecological balance of bodies of water and the reduction of nutrient load in bodies of water. At the same time, Apetit makes it possible for consumers to choose from a wide range of sustainable fish.

a. Apetit will increase the use of local domestic fish in its products.

b. Apetit will, in its consumer communications, increase content that draws attention to the benefits of using local domestic fish and its environmental impact on our bodies of water.


Apetit is part of the business network of the Carbon Action project platform, which enables cooperation between different actors across the food supply chain and helps businesses develop their own carbon farming operations.

Apetit also commits to spotlighting carbon farming and the activities of the Carbon Action platform in its own communications.

The implementation of the Baltic Sea Commitment is monitored as part of Apetit’s regular corporate responsibility reporting.