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Apetit is a responsible Finnish food company with its roots firmly in primary food production. We produce food solutions based on vegetables and oilseeds mainly for the Finnish market, and we are an active player in the Finnish and international grain, oilseed and feedstuff markets.

Further strengthening of the unique value chain is at the core of Apetit’s strategy

A key feature of the Apetit Plc’s strategy for 2020–2022 is strengthening the existing unique value chain that has a strong foundation in Finnish primary production. The operations of the strategy season aim towards the objective of building Apetit into a successful Finnish company focusing on plant-based food products.

Apetit Plc’s strategy

The company’s shares have been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd since 1989.

Download here: Apetit annual report 2019



Apetit leads the way in vegetable-based diets by reinventing itself actively and strengthening its resources in product development and in research and development. In addition to launching new products under our Apetit brand, we have been among the front-runners in introducing new products and product. Increasing the use of vegetables as a means to improve overall well-being continues to be a growing trend.

Apetit’s capacity to create shareholder value is based on renewal and product development, the continuous development of strong and attractive brands, managing the unique field-to-table value chain and continuosly improving the profitability and efficiency of operations.

Our strengths include our expertise and people, our unique integration with primary production, our strong consumer and professional brands as well as our solid financial position.


  • Products with strong market positions and overall demand that stretches over economic cycles
  • Strategic investments in product development, renewal and efficiency give rise to new competencies and competitive advantage
  • The growing popularity of high-vegetable diets and lifestyles presents opportunities for growth
  • Strong financial position provides stability and enables investments in strategic projects
  • Integration with Finnish primary production is a source of differentiation and competitive advantage 
  • The different business models between business segments help balance the risk profile
  • A stable history of dividend distribution


The way people eat is changing rapidly, driven by a number of global trends.  Digitisation is revolutionising the traditional operating methods and reshaping value chains. While price remains a significant factor in buying decisions, a growing number of consumers and customers prioritise quality in addition to affordable prices. 


Food is one of the most significant factors affecting an individual’s wellbeing. Apetit provides healthy vegetable-based food products and raw material solutions for a variety of scenarios. 

Pleasure from food 

Food must taste good in order to provide pleasure and wellbeing.  Our delicious products make cooking and eating fun.


Busy lives, smaller household sizes and changing eating scenarios are emerging trends that lead to increased demand for convenient food solutions. Our food and service solutions make daily life easier for consumers and professionals alike. 

Responsibility and traceability 

Raw material traceability, sustainable production methods and production safety are very significant issues for consumers. Apetit produces high-quality food responsibly and traceably, from field to table.