Apetit strengthens its position in the Swedish market – Apetit brand products added to the national selection of the ICA retail chain

Apetit strengthens its position in the Swedish market – Apetit brand products added to the national selection of the ICA retail chain

Apetit Plc, Press release 31 March 2020 at 1:30 p.m.

Apetit has taken steps in line with its strategy to increase international sales and strengthen the company’s market share in Sweden. The Apetit brand’s frozen mixed vegetables and vegan mince pizzas will be widely available as part of the national product selection of ICA, the largest grocery retail chain in Sweden.

In the first phase, Apetit will launch four frozen mixed vegetable products, breaded cauliflower and broccoli wings and two vegan mince pizzas on the Swedish market.

“Our cauliflower and broccoli wings are very popular in Finland, and they’re the first products of their kind on the Swedish market. We have high expectations regarding the demand for our breaded vegetables and vegan pizzas. The more traditional frozen mixed vegetables are already a strong product category in Sweden. We are pleased that, after our extensive preparations, we have had a promising start to exporting products under our own brand,” says CEO Esa Mäki from Apetit.

One of Apetit’s strategic goals has been to increase its international food sales, especially in neighbouring markets.  

“Systematically increasing our exports to Sweden is very important for us. Our products already have a well-established position in the frozen food sections of Finnish supermarkets, and we are confident that we will also gain a strong foothold in the Swedish market. Sweden’s population is almost twice as large as that of Finland, and they traditionally use more frozen foods than Finnish consumers,” Mäki adds.

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Sanna Väisänen, Director, Corporate Communications and Sustainability, tel. +358 10 402 4041

Apetit is a food industry company firmly rooted in Finnish primary production. Our operations are based on a unique value chain: we create well-being with vegetables by offering healthy and tasty food solutions that make daily life easier. We also produce high-quality vegetable oils and rapeseed expellers for feeding stuff, and trade grain on the international markets. Apetit Plc's shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. In 2019, Apetit Group's net sales were EUR 313 million. Read more at apetit.fi.

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