Personnel development

Corporate social responsibility at Apetit is based on a common operating policy and on shared values: responsible operations, bold renewal and success through cooperation. Apetit ensures the fair and equal treatment of employees by operating in line with the principles of its equality plan.

Apetit’s personnel strategy focuses on creating a safe and encouraging work atmosphere, enabling inspiring and goal-oriented leadership, developing competence, creating a bold corporate culture that enables experiments and improving the company’s employer image.

Each employee should be familiar with the goals of their work and should be able to make use of their strengths and skills in their job. In addition, it is important that Apetit’s employees can engage in rewarding cooperation in line with its strategy, in an encouraging and inspiring atmosphere.

One of the most important goals of personnel development is ensuring sufficient and optimal talent. Key skills for Apetit’s employees include a customer focused approach, production and product development skills, project management capabilities and the ability to achieve actual results. Apetit encourages all of its employees to develop their skills and the company’s operations.