The Apetit Group requires that its suppliers commit to the principles of ethical, social and environmental responsibility documented in the Group’s supplier requirements. The operating principles are based on the Apetit Group’s Code of Conduct as well as the UN Global Compact guidelines. Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that the supplier requirements are met throughout the supply chain. Apetit reserves the right to carry out inspections on its suppliers to ensure compliance with the supplier requirements. The inspections may be conducted by independent third parties, and may be carried out without advance notice.

If a supplier fails to comply with the supplier requirements, and if the necessary improvements are not implemented within the timeframe specified by Apetit, Apetit has the right to terminate its business relationship with the supplier in question. The supplier requirements have been written in compliance with the UN Global Compact.


Apetit is a significant buyer of Finnish vegetables both nationwide and regionally. Each year, the Group makes approximately 100 growing agreements with Satakunta-based agricultural entrepreneurs. Vegetables are also purchased for use in fresh products from Finnish growers and greenhouses.

High-quality Finnish vegetables are the foundation of Apetit’s product range. Because certain vegetables are not produced in large enough quantities in Finland, or may not be grown in Finland at all, we also have carefully selected suppliers from other countries. In our international procurements, we prioritise long-term relationships with responsible growers and suppliers who meet our supplier requirements.