Grain Trade

The Grains and Oilseeds business comprises Avena Nordic Grain and its subsidiaries. Avena Nordic Grain Oy is Finland’s leading trader in grains, oilseeds and animal feedstuffs, and manufacturer and supplier of vegetable oils and expeller. Avena’s principal market is the European Union, but it also trades in many other markets. Avena is particularly active in Finland and in the Baltic countries, its home markets.

The company’s headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland, and it has branch offices around the country, in Vaasa, Pori, Salo, Kouvola and Porvoo. Its subsidiary Avena Kantvik Oy, based in Kirkkonummi, Finland, develops and produces vegetable oils and expeller from rapeseed and soybeans.

For the local purposes of grain procurement Avena has foreign subsidiaries: ZAO Avena St. Petersburg in Russia, UAB Avena Nordic Grain in Lithuania, OÜ Avena Nordic Grain in Estonia, TOO Avena Astana in Kazakhstan and OOO Avena-Ukraine in Ukraine.

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